Monday Posting from the Win 7 x64 Machine. Bubblegum Crisis turns 25 yrs old In Feb 2012

Finally got the system online working and stable, I only have to flash the raid and install the drivers for the x64 edition sata raid card and I’ll have a fully operational 4 drive array with Dual Dvdrw drives with 2 ide HDD to boot as well. I am still trying to figure out how to repair the faceplate of the case. UDK is re-installed and dedicated to a 40 gig hdd along with Maya 2012.
As you can see down below there has been some drama involved. Don’t give it any mention, I don’t think I’d want to hear that CG went crying to his therapist because I butthurted his feeling on my blog because he acted like dick and attempted to push the blame on others. Junior just needs to grow up and grab some maturity and make something of himself other than being a sponge, get face reality head long and quit keeping his buried in the sand.
ON the lighter side of news, this month marks the 25th Year and Milestone of Bubblegum Crisis/Crash and OVA Concert Footage VHS tapes we loved to rock out to when we went driving. I will celebrate buy posting this clip of the Opening Seq track from the CD Single.

I want to find a textless edition of the opening Seq. This really does deserve a reboot as an AMV. I think I will discuss this with a few of my peeps and see what we can do. In the meantime enjoy the clip and enjoy life, live each day as if it was your last and live to the best. Stay healthy my friends

Computer issues and Followup on the Battle Royal High School Drama fest precording.

What have I been doing since the last podcast? Well, I took the plunge and went x64 bit on Windows 7, that said I have an code 641 I have to beat to wrap around my head and learn what is actually causing said issue. I thought it was this POS shit HDD I had, a 60 gig Hitachi “Deathdrive” I had in an older machine and was throwing issues at me and not wanting to become a slave drive for a cooler much more impressive machine it was used for beforehand. Seems the aftermath of Drama Diva Queen CG is not at an end as we thought either.

Even though it’s doesn’t officially have his name on it, I found a post on our podcast site here saying we’re assholes and it’s all our fault and might as well say CG isn’t at fault at all OH no, he just a victim and everyone picks on him and he does nothing to have people blame him for the events that transpire around him, OH NO INDEED! The guy just needs to seriously grow up, calm down, and maybe go on Ritalin and get some therapy to confront his own issues such as foot in mouth disease for one.
Some advice points for you CG,

1. Don’t divulge private information on a community forum and not expect flammage.
2. Don’t slam someone for mentioning it when it was already publicly accessible information
3. Don’t come on to X-podcast state that said podcast crew does not have that many listeners
4. Especially don’t insult people on the crew old and new, it’s disrespectful and really justifies certain actions.
5. Don’t go to X-podcast’s webpage/Facebook/wordpress/MySpace and leave anon msgs on how they’re assholes and no one listens to them anyway.

CG brought this on himself, I’m not going to give you his real name, that would be plain disrespectful to his privacy. I will simply state that CG is very immature, has a very low understanding and grasping what privacy means and having some decorum and common sense in acting during certain activities and or how to report them properly. These are my opinions and I am speaking for myself on this one since I do not know how the others really feel about this. I did apologize for how I went about telling CG on what happened and how some of us felt at the time and I still feel that way and if just not a little creeped out over the whole thing.

With regards to my machine? Well it is what it is and I will be working on it between home and picking up Girl Scout cookies and doing the podcast tomorrow night at 8 PM MST. This week, we’ll be discussing OVA 3 of BGC and the ADP, as well as some possible betas and the posting the links for said betas so please focus your attention to our FB group because we’ll be posting those there! The CoolKidClub Facebook Link Join up if ya like we don’t bite honest!

Ok Funny Podcast on Battle Royal High School because Overaged RAGE Cast on Ex-Cast Member

Ok, so as some of you know I’ve been moonlighting as part of an anime/manga/gaming podcast group called The Cool Kids Club. Which has been fun, I’m enjoying my time with it because I’m actually discussing anime and manga and things I enjoy with people of the same interests as I do. I have to admit for the 1st time in a bit I’m actually enjoying discussing things online without so much as a “HAHA UR DUMB! U LIK ANEEMA AND MUNGA!” Duuurp!” that’s what I’ve received at a few places I hung out and just left because of the treatment. Maybe I’ve become a bit bitter because of it as well, because in Ep. 43 during the early part of the preshow “CG” (Real name withheld for obvious reasoning.) was there and he had missed Ep 42’s recording and preshow so he didn’t even know what was going on till someone finally clued him in, which was this….

Ok. About 3 weeks ago, CG I guess gets a call from someone he used to date and we’ll leave it at that. But this person called him to say he was running to Florida to possibly leave the country for what he had done to his sister, and a few unclassified animals in a sexual manner. “CG” then goes right around and talks to Josh about it just like it was nothing but everyday events….. “Seriously?” Josh then discussed this with a few people who were appalled at what CG had discussed with Josh, and more to the matter that he didn’t bother talking to the police or some law enforcement agency locally.

I mean if you’re going to discuss something like that with someone you don’t care too much about anyway (You’ll hear why if you listen to Ep. 43) expect some repercussions “expect it”. You think that person isn’t going to do the right thing and maybe contact someone of authority regardless if the police have been already informed? CG may have had other information to do with this EX of his. Something like that is not something you talk to your friends with 1st you talk about it with an officer or agent of a law enforcement agency.

When I heard this I about flipped my wig. My whole opinion changed about CG. When Ep 43. Came time to record, CG was there and I let him and the guys know I didn’t want him there, and from what I could read from the guys, neither did they. He even asked me why I removed him from Skype. I let him have it with all of what I thought, a bit overly raged/ranted at him but he just didn’t get it, “I’m mean, I’m an asshole” because I was honest about how I felt about what he had done and what he had kept to himself instead of doing the “right thing”.

We tried to accept he was there and that we’d just do the show and move on with things. Oh no! CG didn’t want that started cutting throwing insults at me and then at Dustin as well and the whole crew was sick of it that was the straw the busted the camel’s hump. We banned him from the show, he trolled josh on Aim and he was the one that said “No one really listens to the show anyways” which he later tried to cover up by saying he was joking about that. If you listen, sounds like there was some conviction in his voice when he voiced that particular opinion.

Now, I admit I let myself go on the anger side of it and should have been a little more tactful in regards to letting him have it with both barrels. But he had it coming to him and with some of things he said he deserved what he got, but I could have put in a less rage type manner and acted a bit more maturely than I did so I will apologize for that, but not for the fact that I told him the truth of matter. Here’s the link to the Facebook group with a link to the Ep. In question. You decide and you want to leave a comment, please feel free to do so, just keep at a PG level of decorum and maturity please? “The Cool Kids Club Ep. 43 Battle Royal High School

Well I had a busy weekend

Hey, so how was everyone’s Presidents Day Weekend? I hope it was as cool as mine. I finally got to have pizza at my mother–in-law’s played Star wars Trivial pursuit has ice cream and a fun time. However, I did miss out on the CKC podcast this weekend which was on BGC (Bubblegum Crisis) Eps 1 and 2. Some in jokes on the AD Police were made from what I understood when I was able to connect in and talk with the crew.

I sold the mini PC for 35$, which will go towards the ez-builder modular robotics kit for the omnibot that I bought off of ebay for 45$. The laptop has the Programming kit installed and prepped so I just have to get the gear to start building. I also had a surprise over the week as well. I’m a big Anime geek (Derp) and the one company that got me more involved in anime was Animeigo.

Well Animeigo only had the one social networking page on MySpace, which was cool because Animeigo should be spread across the network again like it was in the convention circuit back in the day when I was younger. I decided to help them along and started the Facebook group Animeigo and started adding the series openings that Animeigo is famous for, such as A.D. Police Files Bubblegum Crisis,Bubblegum Crash, Dagger of Kamui, Growing Up With Hello Kitty ( Q2 2012) Metal Skin Panic Madox-01,Otaku no Video 1982 and 1985 (Dual OVA on 1 Tape/DVD, of course Riding Bean and who could forget The OVA Set of Vampire Princess Miyu?

I seemed to have been doing something right because as soon as I got it up and added myself and Dustin Kopplin to the Admin list, people started to join up people I knew from Mucks, Facebook itself, existing and former employees and even the MADOVERLORD! Robert Woodhead CEO of Animeigo (which is now the head admin of the group) and a big robotics buff as well, got added in and I am hoping to that Anime Fans like me will come by share their views with us and maybe even how they got involved with such an interesting lifestyle.

I am aiming to have at least 100+ people join the Animeigo group by the end of February, is what I am at least hoping will be the count on who’s joined because they love Animeigo in the same why I and several others do. Ok and that’s that for this entry. Talk to me, leave comment or two (Just don’t be too harsh we’re only human you know). Till next posting…..

Bethesda World Concept Artist dies from cancer at Age 42

Adam Adamowicz died Friday Feb 10 2012. Adam who was 42 yrs. old when he lost his fight with cancer. Adam not just a Concept Artist. But he was also responsible for designing the environmental worlds of Fallout 3 and Skyrim and the Mass Effect franchise as well. His work and talent will be remembered through those games.

Now I may not be huge Bethesda Fan but this was sad news and I enjoyed his artwork as a fellow artist and gamer as well. Adam you will be missed, not just by family and friends but you leave many gamers saddened and the gaming world has become just a wee bit smaller with your passing. The Sky is now your canvas Adam; we will look and hopefully see your work in the heavens.

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