Reveiw: UDK Programming with UnrealScript a Beginners Guide to Unreal Enlightenment.

First off, let me say what a great privilege this is to have been able to do a read through and apply the lessons that are in the chapters and the explanations and how they work.  I thought at 1st this was going to be a tedious tasking, being someone who dislikes having to use mathematics in programming. Being someone with a slight learning curve, Ms. Cordone AKA AngleMapper to the unreal community brings programming with UDK fun for the new user.

I was asked to review a particular chapter of the book, and sadly I cannot. Why? Because the whole book itself is a great read and learning tool to those that are starting out and have questions on how the inner working of UDK work and are applied within each other. The hands on examples are great as you can apply them to your own alpha as you’re building your game and its environment. About ¼ the way thru the book I got to the awesome actor section and was always curious on how the actor/model stood on the floor without going halfway through it which was always something I beat my head against.

But after reading through that particular section I was able to understand and wrap my head around it. I finally knew the values and how the rotation worked without the headache I would end up giving myself in the end in frustration. All in all for Ms. Cordone’s Guide to UDK I for one am giving this book a 9.5 out of 10 for aiming towards the little guy and addressing issues some of us out here with learning curve issues and helping us grasp and understand the concepts and learning from them at that angle. I thank Rachel and Shaveer for this great opportunity it is a pleasure finally to grasp things that seemed more complicated than they actually are. You can order this informative and enjoyable guide to programming in unreal at Packit Publishing again I wish to thank Rachel and Shaveer for this oppertunity. It has been enlightening to say the least.

Steven. A Lundberg

Jade Phoenix Studios

Admin/Project Lead

Hey its at the 10 yr Mark and I have been places (on the net) woooooow.

Joined on Date: 04-24-2001 One place I joined because one the guys at the forum we had been freq’ing before, had become douchebag centeral. For awhile it ok people were ok with each other and not stepping on people’s toes but after awhile it started getting touchy then rude and then outright horrendous and after that? I was removed, the one dubbed Misty left, Squall still has access but also abandoned the place as well. Since then the board has fallen to ruin. Just the admins and thier hosted forum pack are the only ones there active, the other 900+ are more or less spam/porn spiders and bots that invaded the board.

Then lets see, there was Battle-Forums which isn’t a bad place in itself. Just didn’t get along with the newly appointed admin, and I was dropped as a friend by someone I thought I could trust w/o too much concern. There are also other issues involved I don;t wish to bring up, but ultimately I left of my own accord and had the account closed/banned by the admin. Which in itself is fine we’ve quarreled over the yrs and such but somehow we seem to be tolorant with each other to the point its almost polite nowdays. Then again we’ve also gotten older too. But there were people there that just rubbed me the wrong way.

Then there is Clan bob which was a community that spawned from the ashes of that which was part of The Top 100 Web Comics Site back in 1999. Since then there has been “3” incarnations of the clanbob community. Each one also getting worse and worse with each passing. However this particular community doesn’t stagnate like the psx, however it does rather have a habit for trolling on a semi constant basis. I just got extremely tired of it, to such a point that I removed my email and other certain info updated it knowing that said account would be forced into deactivation till a admin or moderator would have to activate it by hand to even allow it access to the board again. Haven’t realy been by there much since, although lurking form time to time has happened.

My LJ you ask? I gave it up as well. seeing peoples problems were just getting me down to a degree that I just didn;t want to post or reply anymore. That and there were a few people that are just so hard headed and can’t take a hint when it’s pasted on a trout and slapped at the nap of thier neck. But don’t get me wrong! I love forums, so much I have my own, such as it is. Decided to have my own because at least that way I can control what is posted and what is not. Kill and bann spambots dead and keep the twinks, dinks, twerps, and jerks out and off. I even caught one person I consdered quite distasteful on my forum because someone had given him thier login info to try to cause some trolling grief. Lucky for me I knew what thier IP was and who thier provider was as well.

I also like the gaming communities, like Beyond Unreal and Epic Forums. At least there people are respectful of each other, helpful to one and other especially when someone has quite a problem with modding or maybe a techincal issue with hardware as well. One can actually be greeted and feel welcome and be able to log in w/o the feel of dread and wonder how much of your selfworth is going to get shredded to hell and back. People actually care about what you do to a degree and like talking with you at length. Well enough of the jabbering and such, I need to get back to work and finish off a few things before lunch.

UDK Update

Trying to learn how to do a smal normal map for testing purposes for 1 vehicle and 2 player models and 2 weapons with two ammo placments and two spawn points. EPIC FAIL! >_<; oh and GOD FORBID anyone lend a fu**ing hand! Frustration is so much fun. …….NOT!

But it has to be done, If we are to realize our vision of a gaming studio? We need to buckle down and do the math, no matter how hard it can be. MUST try to strive to learn how to get the code to work properly. Distributing the existing assests among the team and some of the NEW concept designs I've been playing with and some of the vehicles I've had in mind.

So far everyone is on board and may even have some new members as well. My hope is a fellow forum member named Phoenixwing from BuF comes onboard as well. His skills as a coder are remarkable, and he'd be a true assest to the team. That and I could learn a few things from him as well.

Off topic I walked out this morning after work at midnight and drove home at that same intersection I kid you not was a buck with a 3.5 Antler spread on the corner. I went across slowly enough so not to spook him but quick enough I could hit the gas to avoid him too. but as soon as I crossed thru he just strolled across the street as the walk like came on. One of those odd moments again.