Do I have issues? Yea I have a whole list, am I going to let it bug me or rule over me? Fuck no.

I let it flow with a restrain valve, I know when to leave matters alone and just walk away and attempt not to be pulled back into situations that I should just leave be. I wished however I was more clueful (Is that even a word?) I’d like to be a bit more mindful of myself, people say write it down, wife says keep a small notebook with you write things down.

I am of the mind of why? I don’t want to think of myself as absent minded. I want to be able to do Christmas shopping and have it feel like Christmas, not some rushed feeling like “OH MY GOD ! It’s Christmas have I gotten every one something, did I miss someone, did I buy enough and evenly for everyone to be happy?

I don’t care about presents for myself much, I have pretty much resolved myself to say to others”Don’t get me anything, I’d rather just have my steam wallet fattened with the ability to get a game or two or some type of electronic doodad I can tinker with for a prop or two.

1st post of 2012

Hey, so first post of the year, YAY me! Christmas was ok. I got 2 gift cards, a domokun (yes my kids got me a domokun.) and I got myself an R/C Astrometric Droid action figure from Star wars off eBay. I also got my wife a 60 gig hard drive for her laptop and a stick of 256 of Ram since it only handles up to 512, only thing I have to fix now is the power port on the back of the laptop and it will be in top form.

I also got a copy of Cod MW3 for myself off eBay last week and funny thing, Scott one the guys in my gaming guild got me a copy as well on steam. So I’m handing off the retail copy I’m getting to my co-worker who got me the 60 gig drive and memory and we’re square. Cod MW3 is actually fun, just wished I could hit the broader side of the barn. So if you see HerrMaestro-OFC in Cod MW3 be a little merciful…….thanks.

We’re also seriously considering dropping Cable TV and upping the internet speed and doing Hulu plus and Crackle for TV time, I mean spending 1**.00 + on Cable and Internet is a bit much and if you have a Blu-ray or a Gaming console with wireless as an option why wouldn’t you just drop cable and go internet? I’m also down to 232 now, from 270 Lbs. last year; still have to work on the abs though. Anyways, I am back to work and will post up later.


Happy Holidays and Good Cheer to all, whether be friend or foe it matters none to this average joe. A time of getting along if for just one day, not evil or madness just Good cheer and Kindness are a glow. As goofy and sappy as this maybe I send it out with Christmas Glee! A bear like me is usually a grump but with it being 2010 makes this one smile from being a frump. To you I say good night with a sigh with a nod and turn under the starry night sky.

Fridays and Fun

Hey hey, just got back in the door from my mother in law’s, saw ronda’s brother and his family thier youngest daughter is so CUTE! GAWD so cute, and she giggled at me! LOL We had a fun time with everyone. Dinner has great had the cheese and ham bake with a cheddar top. A nice garden salad and water. Oh and the downstairs as it is looks very cool, has a Semi Santa Fe feel to it. Having a mauve/sand tone + texture to the walls on one side of the room and a Rustic red on the other side as well.

Go the kids home and into bed, just posting this as I’m falling asleep. So I’ll ttyl and post to you all in the PM tommarow.

Christmas lights the Cont.


I turn on the lawn tree we have for our front kitchen window, which was working 2 days ago! and the freakin thing only has teh middle section on!?! WTH!?!?! *Screams* I hate it! &%#!@#* son of #!@#! piece of flyin ^*%!@#. I just wanna fix it all with a LARGE Battle Ax into tiny tiny tiny tiny pieces and let the interns figure it out after they lock me up.

Anyways, we had our Veteran’s Parade today at noon right in the middle of me returning the extra light I don’t need and end up swapping them out for a 50 set for 1.99 so I can place it on the edge of the garage and light that as well, so as to make the lights as uniform as possible.

Got dishs done, attempt to get some laundry dried and washed and get that into the dryer before I left which failed epic. So now I’m sitting here at work and trying to get things cleaned up at my old desk which I have moved back to after 5 months. I hope this will be my last move till the end of next yr.

Just heard that someone I know had car troubles “again” and was told by her greasemonkey that it just needs to run out and have a diff grade of gas placed in and to start on that grade and keep it that way. Might even be a *smart* thing to maybe get a inline gas filter on the fuel line eh? But she said she let her father have it to run errands and such and he comes back hours later with no car and says its on its way to the garage again.

Then again this is the person who blantly decided that she would rather play video games rather than dicuss things with me when I needed someone to talk with and no one was avlib, so I ended up calling a friend from LJ, mind you she’s a bit loo loo, but very likable in a non threatening way. (lol) so after 2 hrs of talking I tell her I’m leaving lj and she freaked, I explained what happened and she understands, doesn’t like it by any means but understands.

I get involved in things a bit too much and end up leaving a long trail back. I can so far trace myself using certain key words and such back to 1997 when I was on Anime Muck. That’s scary within itself. so slowly but surely I have been eliminating my backtrails and removing myself from the net to a certain level. Anyways, enough pissing and moaning back to work for me, then home and some TF2 at Towelies, maybe I’ll even splurge and grab a frosty one for home and relaxing while I kick some n00b meat.

Christmas Decorations for the house.

Wow, simply wow, It’s taken me so far 4 days to ge the freakin lights done and I am -=still=- not finished! ARGH! The lights for the trim? They are done I spent with my wife’s help 4 hrs going thru strigs of ligths and replacemnt bulbs, but I did finally today get the last string fixed!

Tommarow’s veteran’s day, am I going to get it off? Nope, no ex-G.I. day for me, back to the usual grind. Even had to take my eldest Daugther to the Orthodontist this morning to get her wire adjusted. Ends up she is also sick so its daddy daugther day, and we decided ot play on line for an hour I got her some pizza and a bottled water. We watched some Danny phantom and she fell asleep as I went to work.

Just getting off work now and going to Towelies after work to fight off the frustration I feel in regards to some personal issues I’m having with a few people. Basically deciding to jump out the way and let the bus catch em if they fall under or if I throw a line and keep going? Decisions Decisions, indeed hard to mak ethem, but they do have to be made.