The weekend update

What’s up Party People? So yea this last week was semi cool in regards to seeing Iron Man 3 as a Company outing Friday morning, no spoilers will just say you HAVE to go see this movie and stay till the very end. My twins turned 14 over the weekend as well, lots of girls and nails and hair-do’s and sleep over, then a party on Saturday for the other twin and she had *GASP* 2 boys over at her party (Because 1 of the boys is her BFF) and that went well w/o hardly any incident oh and her softball team won their 3rd game since the season started recently WOO!

Saturday was also Free ComicBook day, and Haustur’s had a number of titles out even some of the “old” favorites such as Prince Valiant, and Buck Rogers, with some new titles especially from one of my favorite comic publishing houses Antarctic Press Owned by Ben and Joe Dunn and their excellent creative team roughly 30 years in business now says they have that magical quality a American Manga Publishing house should have.

No podcast this weekend though, sadly those that were to show had issues on their side and were unable to make it. We will however be attempting to record again sometime this week.  This coming Sunday however we will be having a special Podcast regarding “Cosplay is not Consent, and Respect for Cosplayer in today’s Comic Society” we will have a number of speakers on the show to discuss certain happenings that have slowly been cropping up at events/con/expos and not in a positive light either.

Farcry 3 Blood Dragon, what can I say in regards to it? Oh I know it’s like Captain Powers and The Soldiers of the Future mixed in with street fighter and Robocop throw in a kickin “80’s” musical score and it’s like Saturday morning with Mt. Dew and Doughnut back when I was a kid. It’s got some very cheesy moments and the dialog is hilarious to say the least I got to throw Props up to David for gifting me this on Steam over the weekend, it was great.

I’ve also started back to sketching things and people again. I’m considering doing an ArkHunter this time from Defiance, with a write up and bio set as well. ACK Back to work for me! TTYS

Borders & Fred Perry *RAGE*!!

I hate Borders, and I’m glad they’re closing, good riddance to the trash! Freaking idiots couldn’t get a order right NOR could they come forward with some way to resolve the issue of why my order got cancelled twice and not notify me in a timely manner. All I wanted to burn my border bucks on a Art Book by Fred Perry and Borders said sure no problem 2 months later… WTF IS MY GOB DANM BOOK YOU SONS OF BEATCHES! Called up and they said “yet again” There is some issue with your billing and shipping address sir. BULLSHIT! Its fine and its correct and had her read it off to me per batum and I ask “So are both addresses correct? “Yes Sir” WTH is the probelm then?

Eh Splain Lucy! I’m waitin! 2 Hours later I finally get a Supervisor who says well if you called on Saturday Sir.. I DID CALL SATURDAY YOUR STINKING OFFICES WERE CLOSED AT 11:00 PM Eastern Time I called you at 7 PM Mountain time so I had at the very least an Hour but I called and your system said you were closed, are you going to complete the order and bypass my shipping cost for all the bullshit and hassle I’ve got from your company over the past “2” monthes? All she could say was “no” so Fuck you, cancel my order take your border bucks shove them up your ass because thats all they’re good for after July 31st oh and did I forget to say go fuck yourselves and hope the unemployment is line straight to hell for you? No? Well there you go then Bright eyes. Have Great Day and I want a refund on the 2 hrs of life I just wasted with your Sorry Ass Bullshit Company that can’t do dick for their clients. * Click * RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!


Been a busy week on vacation, I can tell you that much. I have been working on the family room. I’ve been doing the taking the shelving apart, putting it back up. Remove and haul the old nasty laundry room shelf out and mount up nice new ones after getting them trimmed so the dryer exhaust piping will fit as well. We fixed the overspill issue on the washer and got a dump tray under it to keep any future spillage contained to that area. It now has a nice blue to it as well.

In lighter news, I’ve started doodling again and will be uploading the ones I like up to my DA. OH and I have to mention that F.O.Z gave me a llama Badge at da over the weekend YAY! Here is her link An Artist type I know at DA. hire her for art commissions! Got to give pimpage where it’s due. Our kids are on Spring Break and enjoying themselves while being able to take a break from the stress of the classroom it seems. I might even take them to go play some tennis at the park nearby to burn off the excess energy they have.

Still haven’t got the cd/dvd drives sold yet, but there is hope. I found the GF 4200 Asus AGP I lost a few months back. I’m placing that on craigslist as well. I even came across the Adotron 4 port hub I used to use when our old quake 3 team was still around doing LAN parties. It works great, even has a bnc connector on it, yea a bnc can you believe that one? Oh and I decided to place the other Hauppauge TV card / FM Tuner on craigslist too. Why? Because I know it will sell and it’s something less to clutter the upstairs office with.

Waiting on Chris to show us the work he’s doing on revamping the hornet. He says he’s got a texturing style to show us to give the hornet that weathered and used look a vehicle like that should have. Paul’s working on the pilot model and texturing it, says it should be done within the middle of next week hopefully. Paulo says he needs content for the Hughes map, so I am having Joseph work with him to help get content created and textured so it can be ported into the map’s park/recreational areas of the plaza.

I just woke up a bit ago myself and need food now. So this is where I will start out my week for this portion of the April blog.


Reading Spooks by Ryan Schifrin and Adam Archer, the whole hey check it out it’s like a cross between ghost busters and hellboy. Playing prey and might be downloading Xfire to my win 7 machine too.
I also need to find an away to get the tower off the desk but still close by to install or burn DVDs. We got PowerDVD 9 Ultimate today YAY and WOO HAA for me! We also got Nero 7 which I think is still better than Nero 9 because of the faster burn and less error ratio it has.

Oh and today Beverly went out to get a webcam for her PC cool huh? I might be able to finally conference with her in person live with video feed. I also created a group on facebook for The Antarctic Press Publication Corp. HOME OF NINJA HIGH SCHOOL, GOLD DIGGER, QUAGMIRE USA, and one of my favorites Tigers of terra.

My hope is that the staff and some of the creators will join as well as more fans as well. I grew up with ninja high school the manga as a teen, myself. My oldest is starting to get into it as well and is still kind of taken back that it is older than her. I’m also quite impressed with her art progression as well. That’s at least one thing I can say I was glad she got from me. I am off to work, have to get things taken care of, and still have a few Girl Scout cookies left to deliver as well.


I checked out Vol. 1 thru 3 on Empowered by Adam Warren, so funny I laughed my ass off for like ½ the day thru work. The laughter makes the day go by so much more fun and entertaining. I’m also back into playing TF2 on Towelie’s TF2 Server on steam. Not a bad place really, some people however do act like general assholes, then again that’s a bit consistent with any game server.

Still haven’t sold the TV Tuner card or the SB Audigy 2 ZS Card or even the Jabra Hands Free Set. I mean geez, you’d thing that stuff would be snatched up fast? Oh well, trying some urban Hip Hop style of manga art. Not really that great at any level yet, but I’m practicing.

Dreadlocks are what get me, drawing those can be hard sometimes. I used to be able to it 8 yrs ago but with time and just the lack there of still though, I should be able to post a sample of what I’m trying to achieve soon on my DA account as well. I have to get to work, been cool posting with you, ttys.

A poem off the top of my head.

Life in general is chaos
You have to hone your own skills
Fight and claw your way up
Acquiring others as you transverse

Defeating that which causes you fear
Becoming your own person to be
Not what people want to see you be?
Truth before the rose tint lens always

Yourself, the true essence of your being
Burn and destroy the image cast upon you
True to thine own self first and foremost
Integrity and Self worth above all else

Its tuesday for me and we have snow! ARGH!

That’s right, I purposely steamcleaned the inside of the saturn, and scrubbed some of the seats and removed and cleaned the mats as well with the steamcleaner. Why you ask? Because tommarow I take the uplander in for a Oil change rotation and Safety/Emission done in one shot in the morning. Oh and I apologize, Phantomgrift left today not yesterday, saw this elsewhere so had to make the update and the apology.

Thinking about getting this AMD PIC for the kids, 40$ the guy is asking for it. if I can sell the TV card and the Sound Blaster I can get it, let the kids use that for the internet and thier homework and I can rebuild the other machine at a later time. Still wating for my upgrades to arrive even though it may be another 2 days. Its the waiting that eats at you. I don;t even know if anyone is even reading this stuff. I know Phant did just so he could keep tabs on me, but with him gone that’s no longer a possiblity.

Sent paul this last night to see if he can build off this concept sheet.

I want to be able to push his abilities, hone that character modeler strength into him. He’s ok, but he can be better, I see it in his work, he just needs to apply himself more and open himself more to different techniques and styles and even test his ability with other programs like Adobe PS/Gimp/Z-brush. I want to see him advance in life.