Mondays …..

Ok so had the dishes done and the living hairball fiasco my cat pulled last night cleaned up. Got the garden watered, took my oldest to her last day of Summer PE so she doesn’t have to take it during her 1st yr of high school. Twins, lunch fixed and me feeding the cats and watering them as well.

Last night, the laptop? EPIC FAIL it was this piece of crap from like 1994 not even 100 Mhrz. I dropped it off at the DI and drove home and played a little TF2 with Mark which was fun. It is much more fun to play a game you own with friends invlved rather than just a bunch of people you don’t know nor care about how you feel when you play the game. After that it was like 2:10 am I had ot get some sleep after that well he above speaks for itself.

Tommarow is my FRIDAY! wooooo! I don’t have to work for 4 days that’s like 96 hrs DANG! Nice, camping, waterpark, Movie, bbq’ing fireworks on the 4th this is going to be a GREAT July.

Michael Jackson dead…..k

Michael Jackson dead due to cardiac arrest. World goes nuts, as *usual* because OMG he’s the so called king of pop. *Shrugs* I lost respect for the guy a long time ago he attempted to buy the remains of Joseph Carey Merrick otherwise known as the elephant man. Don’t take it this as a hate a post, I just lost respect for him because of that stunt. I think The British College of Medicine is also wrong in keeping the remains as well. The remains should have been placed to rest at the time of his demise. But back to topic, yes he was a great entertainer but there has just been a lot of stunts and actions this man has pulled in his life and now that will all be over looked because… he’s dead. Fine boo hoo…..

I didn’t see many people crying over David carradine when he passed on earlier this month. Also Farrah Fawcett dead as well, the world goes nuts (men mostly) I have to admit she was a great actress and will be sorely missed. Having been in some great movies as well as TV such as Saturn 3, Charlie’s Angels, Silk Hope and such. Ed McMahon also dead as well, thats 4 Famous Celebrities that have dead this month alone. A lot of work for the grim reaper this month it seems. Lets hope he doesn’t pass our house this year. Anyways, that’s all I have for now. Comments, you know where to post em.


Wow, I thought today might be a bummed ass day. WRONG, seems someone posted up a spiffy new usb scanner and wanted to get rid of it because it didn’t have its software with it. Well, after replying and picking it up I found the cd inside the lid of the *sealed* scanner bag/package. GO Figure, I priced it out at HP? A Nice 80$ usb scanner with a slides / photonegative adapter to go with it. I might turn around and resell it since I got it for free. Not my fault the person was just -that- stupid.

TF2, pretty cool game some people however just need not to read into someone too much regardless of past history. A game is a game, prime example, on server that I’ve been freq’ing a bit as of late. Come to realize it’s a server favored by a number of people I tended to stay away from on one particular community. Now mind you, I didn’t even realize it till I saw one particular name on steam thru a friend’s profile. On a whim I said “Oh my are there some bob’s in this house?” and the “1st” thing said was “Yea, —— there are a number of us on here you loser”.

Now all kidding aside and yes I know it’s a game. Is that really how a person should react especially a woman? I mean honestly, next to the fact that they know me from some web/forum I had freq’ed in the past. Is that any reason to act like I don’t know “13” instead of how old she really is? Yea the intrawebz r s3r1ou5 business, but please… it’s just a game and if you can’t get over one person playing on the same server as you? Then you have problems. Oh and FYI some people just leave a server in mid-0game due to having to pick up their kids from camp (You know who you are) there was no midgame ragegamequit storm involved. Remember it’s a “-=game=-” people get pissed in game but really there is no real reason no excuse for acting like an ass on the server. Also if you don’t like a particular player? You *can* always mute them from your settings as well.

Oh laptops are allowed back at work HUZZAH! So now I can get back to im’ing from meebo to home, sweet! Anyways, that’s it for now. 4 hrs left till home and back to TF2 for at least an hour to wind down. Till then, frag you later…….

Father’s day

Well, seems the wife wanted a new grill so guess what I got for father’s day? A NEW BBQ Grill by kenmoore. Chicken came out nice actually rather suprised on that. Also seems like I’ll have some snacks too for me after work. I have a nice 24 oz. of tecate waiting for me at home in the office. SO TF2 Bound locked and well, (lol) slightly loaded if I decide to hit the sake as well afterwards. I definitely want to kick some ass tonite.

*Sigh* Yes sigh -again-

Seems someone at work f-bomb’ed up and now all laptop usage is banned from the floor because some asshat thought it would be cute to try to hack the database. Seriously what type of mental defiencey does one need to pull off some stupid assinine stunt and ruin it for everyone? Don’t know but I seriously hope work does prosecute the little turd burgler for ruining it for everyone else.

Also, AA 3 is out, seems cool enough, but I’m goign to stick to my TF2 and AFB + BuF. It’s safe, I don’t have to deal with dillholes I know, and I can invite Mim anytime I see her on steam. More art to come soon, TWD from BuF will have something for me to surpise the anime UT3 players out there with something uber cool. Tommarow is father’s day, and I am going to sleep.

Days off are nice

No, really they are. No work, time to spend with kids on summer vacation. Able to take them to the library, enjoy some reading time with them. Pick up some of the rooms in the house. Cleaned out the dishwasher again, if they would just wipe and clean the plates afterwards.

TF2 is indeed quite fun I like the Towlie server, seems to be a decent bunch of people on there. Mim’s always busy though when I ask her to play maybe I should just take the hint as its implied. But overall the setup was pretty cool updating took nothing and the voip is pretty sweet.

Even talked to a friend of mine during a match in iceland of all places. So the framework they built this one is pretty cool for voice, I was pleasantly suprised. Although I like the game I just don’t see as many of my friends on them as much as I’d like to and it would really be fun to even have the OFC jump in and play as well. But then again I really don’t hear much from them either nowdays.