Do I have issues? Yea I have a whole list, am I going to let it bug me or rule over me? Fuck no.

I let it flow with a restrain valve, I know when to leave matters alone and just walk away and attempt not to be pulled back into situations that I should just leave be. I wished however I was more clueful (Is that even a word?) I’d like to be a bit more mindful of myself, people say write it down, wife says keep a small notebook with you write things down.

I am of the mind of why? I don’t want to think of myself as absent minded. I want to be able to do Christmas shopping and have it feel like Christmas, not some rushed feeling like “OH MY GOD ! It’s Christmas have I gotten every one something, did I miss someone, did I buy enough and evenly for everyone to be happy?

I don’t care about presents for myself much, I have pretty much resolved myself to say to others”Don’t get me anything, I’d rather just have my steam wallet fattened with the ability to get a game or two or some type of electronic doodad I can tinker with for a prop or two.