Borders & Fred Perry *RAGE*!!

I hate Borders, and I’m glad they’re closing, good riddance to the trash! Freaking idiots couldn’t get a order right NOR could they come forward with some way to resolve the issue of why my order got cancelled twice and not notify me in a timely manner. All I wanted to burn my border bucks on a Art Book by Fred Perry and Borders said sure no problem 2 months later… WTF IS MY GOB DANM BOOK YOU SONS OF BEATCHES! Called up and they said “yet again” There is some issue with your billing and shipping address sir. BULLSHIT! Its fine and its correct and had her read it off to me per batum and I ask “So are both addresses correct? “Yes Sir” WTH is the probelm then?

Eh Splain Lucy! I’m waitin! 2 Hours later I finally get a Supervisor who says well if you called on Saturday Sir.. I DID CALL SATURDAY YOUR STINKING OFFICES WERE CLOSED AT 11:00 PM Eastern Time I called you at 7 PM Mountain time so I had at the very least an Hour but I called and your system said you were closed, are you going to complete the order and bypass my shipping cost for all the bullshit and hassle I’ve got from your company over the past “2” monthes? All she could say was “no” so Fuck you, cancel my order take your border bucks shove them up your ass because thats all they’re good for after July 31st oh and did I forget to say go fuck yourselves and hope the unemployment is line straight to hell for you? No? Well there you go then Bright eyes. Have Great Day and I want a refund on the 2 hrs of life I just wasted with your Sorry Ass Bullshit Company that can’t do dick for their clients. * Click * RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!

July 24th Holiday Weekend:Terrorism, Fireworks and Comicon

Ok, so last night fireworks! Set them off last for a full hour of fun for the neighborhood. Afterwards and I can’t believe this but 11:30 pm the kids want to go out back and do smores. I didn’t want to go, to be honest I was tired and a bit of grouch, I think what I needed was a good 8 hrs of decent solid sleep. This obviously helped because I do feel better after waking up at 9 am this morning.

Well with the terrorist attack in Norway was a shock. My heart goes out those that lost loved ones in those senseless acts of terrorism. With this being marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11 I’m wondering if something is going to happen or not. It’s makes you wonder, I still get angry just thinking about it, and all the lives that were lost and makes me a bit paranoid that they might try something again to mark the event themselves to hammer in that final nail to coin a phrase.

Enough of that for now, still don’t have the old server sold yet. I’m hoping soon though, I’d like to be able to get the (EZ-Builder) kit soon and start actually fitting and re-assembling the Omnibot and getting it ready to program and leaving some room till I can acquire a wifi mini cam off eBay. My I-dog was a total loss, it’s servo motor finally died and there was no way to resurrect it so I’ve just salvaged some the parts from it to go towards the omnibot project. The speaker and mic, for voice recon and communication with the family when I’m not at the house and for fun.

In the game scene TF2 when freeware a few weeks ago and looks like I might have some new team mates to go help me stomp some Nikes into the ground. Can’t wait till Rusty Hearts comes out to the public for open play 4th Quarter, the game clips look excellent and the gameplay doesn’t seem to look that bad either. Then again looks are not all what they seem to be. Time will tell if this will be another cool MMO like Guild Wars or just another knock off that will go freeware for a few months and then failure and fade to dust.

This is the 16th Comicon I’ve missed and well, I swear I will be at the 45th one if the world doesn’t end this year or next. (LOL). Taking my overtime pay and squirreling that way towards just that event and then IF I am still kicking and walking this green earth, I will also hit the 50th Comicon. Lot of cool stuff being said there, like that there is going to be a Dr. Horrible II and other cool if not cheesy Media being released. I really wanted to get my hands on the Fanboys VS Zombies at The SDCC Graphic novel; it looks like campy cheese reading and over goodness.

My friends Robert and Sean and Ali all went and I have to say I am envious of them for being local enough to be able to drive or even just take the trolley down to the convention center. I hope they at least were able to acquire and score the deals they wanted today as known by most fans and con goers the best deals are at the last day of the con. I know, because I still have my dominion tank police VHS set from 93 and Captain Tylor VHS OVA set from 94 both cost me like 15.00 for the sets.

Well that’s it from me for now take care and remember If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy! Keep you stick on the ice and I’ll post up a bit later

Monday….and my weekend aftermath

Hey, saw Harry Potter &tdh Prt II. We saw it over the weekend as a family in 3d OoooOOo. It was “ok” I found it lacking in some parts especially at the end which made me mildly miffed at the epilog, no spoilers just found it a bit disappointing in certain areas. Overall good movie however, definitely recommend the Harry potter fans out there to go see this, it will be worth the money to see.

I’m going to search for those furbies I saved a number of years back and see if I can trade up for a few servos or a Ultra Sonic Sensor circuit. That way I don’t have to spend unnecessary money and I can stay ahead of schedule on this project of mine. Also going to purchase that dremel I wanted from Harbor Freight, turns out it’s already a discounted item and is 7.99 from 40.00.

Going to place the Kaneda bike and figure on eBay this week, it’s doing nothing here and I’m pretty sure I could get some decent amount for it on eBay. The bike is original

Box is also near mint as well. According to this fetches 79.00 with everything included. This box I have is minus 2 things the decal sheet and the one character sheet. The instruction sheet is in the box as well. I think asking 60.00 plus shipping is a fair price. Well here’s hoping at this point.

My Reunion with my BBF from HS and the Omnibot update

Ok, it’s Sunday, and Gary has to drive back to Santee by 9 am tomorrow morning before work. It’s been a great time even though enterprise did ruin his budget due to forcing a deposit of 300$ from him. But we still had fun! We saw bad teacher, and Thor, had pizza. Did repairs on the house, destroyed a loveseat with a claw hammer and Ginzu knife. We even reconnected with a few friends we didn’t think we’d see again in our lives, and even got to show them how to video chat thru Skype no less.

You never truly miss someone till you’ve reconnected and realize, “Nothing ever really changed between us” we’re still the two high school kids they thought would not amount to anything when we were kids back then save for the fact that we have made differences in our lives and we do amount to something to a lot of various people in our lives.

Even though we may be far apart again, we’re closer again thanks to this visit and it made me a bit happier than I have been in a number of months. The Girls will be back here between 10 and 11 am, I’m thinking we’ll all go to the Mayan adventure restaurant so he can get pictures of some of the Divers at this place, the show is great, the atmosphere is awesome to behold, the salsa is a kicking bowl of volcanic pleasure! Oh and their menu is not bad either.

On a side note, the Omnibot did show up on Wednesday and now I have to save up about 150.00 Total to get the rest of the supplies for the project. I’ll get the dremel kit sometime between now and next pay period. I already the software downloaded and twain drivers they have built are pretty cool. I can even do test runs with the in-motion webcam I got last week with the software.

I also got my Google + invite SWEET! Yeeeeaaaayyyaaaa! Got it all sorted and mostly setup already, and I like it. It’s a pretty cool yet simple layout. I might even keep it afterwards if allowed. I like these beta runs, and being able to give some needed feedback where you find it. Anyways, I still have a ton of laundry to still fold and put away before the girls show up later this morning. So, talk to ya all later.


Updates and a New Movie from Studio Ghibli

Hey all, yea I’m on staycation at the house while my wife and the girls are off on their Girl Scout water adventure! Great thing about it is I’m spending it with My BBF Gary Howe who I spend a good portion of my early to mid teens with back home and high school. We’re checking out some of the local sights like the Olympic oval, maybe Kennecott and few other places. Would do more but the car rental place he rented is car from raped his bank account 300$ for a deposit, which is a “Southern California only policy” according to the rental company.

Which cut his vacations funds at the kneecaps with no pot to piss in? SO, we’re doing the poor man’s vacation instead. Watched “Bad teacher” yesterday afternoon after he got here and the girls took off for the trip till Sunday. Gives me some time to get some much needed small house repairs done.

Got the Omnibot Wednesday “YAY” for that! So a few more servos to get and then the EZ-B programmable module to replace the Omnibot’s rudimentary CPU functions and a mini wifi cam and Arudino ultra sonic sensors and I’ll finish the unit off, but before that I’ll keep you up to date on the process goes.

Now I got something even cooler than my Omnibot hack project!
Studio Ghibli’s latest Movie based on the 1980 two-volume manga written by Tetsurō Sayama and drawn by Chizuru Takahashi,”From Up on Poppy Hill” is a bit off the beaten path of the usual features from the company known for blending the fantastical with the emotional. The adaptation which is a father/son collaboration between Hayao Miyazaki, who did the screenplay and his son, Gorō, who did the directing.

The Movie explores some of the common themes found in the studio’s work, hitting home on children being forced to develop their minds to match that of a adult since their parental units are not their to help guide them on them on their road to maturity. In this instance, it’s Umi Komatsuzaki, a high school student in 1963 who has to fend for herself out of necessity after her sailor father goes missing in Yokohama. Her mother a known photographer also ends up MIA, she has to take up the mantle of keeping the family’s boarding house up to date while dealing with her emotional feelings for two local boys.

With “From up on Poppy Hill” is be released in Japan on July 16th; currently, no word on the U.S. release, but come on! It’s Disney; we’ll more or less see this late fall mid-winter, if Disney plays the cards properly. I’m personally looking for it thanksgiving or near Christmas.