The Thursday MY Thursday anyway…..

It’s funny the things that you eventually end up at a few yrs down the road. Today for instance, I was doing a search on a web comic I once followed pretty much dedicated due to the mirth and comical mayhem it caused and the fits of laughter I would suffer afterwards. I came across someone that was part of the cast as well. Seems she’s getting married and all type for happy are happening for her. All I can say is good for her and wish her well, I know we didn’t get along or were buddy/pal like, but we still from time to time and on rare occasions had decent exchanges of verbal communications. It is/was good to see her succeeding in life and partially being where she wanted to be. I think we all just grow away from things at some point in our lives. It’s just a sign of saying I’m done and need to move and expand from what I’ve seen.

I can say that I really don’t miss much from some of the older times from the early yrs of my “forum” days. Lots of asshattery and douche bag teabagging cyber bullying on …..(Pondering) I’ll say 78% of the forums that I went to and that only 4 % of them are still in existence still. Maybe I’m wanting to rant again maybe I’m just thinking what type of messed up people I’ve dealt with on line. Then again there “are” (yes there are) people out there who aren’t douche bags and are actually quite fun to pal around with and discuss things with. Then there are the near-do-wells, you know the ones that you think are your friends, but they talk shit behind your back and cut up on your expense and you don’t even know because it’s all behind closed doors or it’s on irc or such? Yea, I’ve dealt with those too. The worst are the ones who prefer their games or other things rather than wanting to or at least PRETEND to show an interest in what is troubling you and what has you upset. Those are just the worst type of person you’d want to contend with. The only way you can actually deal with them is to make a clean break and just not bother with them and hope that someday they will realize what they did and correct themselves for future encounters with other people.

On the light side of things, I did get the family room doorways fixed and realigned, I even caulked the nail entries and the older indentured in the woodwork from past slamming and fits of rage that have happened over the yrs. Alright, enough ranting and feeling sorry for myself, I guess. Back to work and back to reading genshiken again from front to back and the official guide as well. I’m currently waiting for RE:play Vol.3 to hit the library and my hold list. Otomen Vol. 5 is out as well and a Co worker and fellow manga reader is grabbing a copy at the Barnes and noble’s this Friday and as soon as she’s done with it I get to read it next SQUEEEEEEEE! Wife got our oldest a Finishing Sketch Pad for Easter, she doesn’t want it! ZoMg, “fine” I’m taking it and I’ll see what type of sketch I can do on one the sheets myself! I love art pads like that, I think they’re great. AH! It’s almost time to go home must get pack ready to saunter to the car and drive home. Not sure what I will do after dropping oldest off at school but I know I’ll do something with the kids on the day before they go back on track. C ya later

Monday March 1st

Got my end of the yr bonus amount. Didn’t think I’d get one to be honest. It’ll be nice when I see it in my bank account though. Girl Scout cookies are here and I’m making my deliveries to work and only about 1/3rd of the people had the monies from friday’s payday still avlib.

Well I’ll just have to make an extra trip tommarow maybe then. As long as I get them done I’ll be happy. Next after i get home I have to make sure the pc is up to date and I have the Web Cam reinstalled. I think’ll retire for the night when I get home.

So Sleepy,

not sure if it is the weather of what but I am so tired today. But I did get part of the laundry done and the dishes and kitchen cleaned up. Helped the twins with thier valetine boxes. SO CUTE! I should and may take picks soon. Starting to discuss how to plan out the redo on teh family room and moving the laundry room and expanding the boiler room out properly. ACK ! have ot run its that time again.

Oh and Paul got done with the leon mcnichols model……Its cool, but something isn’t right with it. The hair just doesn;t sit right for some reason. The facical features are slightly off in a younger sense of the way. Well lets see how it goes? worst case scenerio, paul might have to redo the head. Which isn;t that made though.


Ok, so got up girls were still and only 2 slices of cheese cake avlib to have. (Not like I could have anyways to begin with). But then then all left and I started the clean up process. By the time I got everything done it is now time for me to head to work. So short entry today.

Where is the sense in Fair Play and Politeness to your fellow Gamer?

Ok, Mobster2 Vendetta, great game but as any game there are in fact several assholes per server it seems. The worst part about it is when you ask nicely, they act like total bollocks and need to have their Gulliver’s beaten in with a 2×4. What the hell is it with people acting like assholes in a game? Does it come right back and boil down to “it’s the internet, suck it up asshole” Where does the polite game play go these days? I mean in Mafia wars, there are polite people; they even wish to join after battling it out in good sportsmanship.

And I can see it like that as well. I do not tend to however add just anybody to my mob, MB2 wise or MF wise either. I have to get to know someone before allowing them into my squad of death merchants and kill counts. A few people said I should form up my own mod name/squad. So I did, secret forum within my site’s forum. But it is for FB Mobster2 Mob members. Time for me to head downstairs and start working on repairing bathroom fixtures.