Weekend Madness! @o; I’m not crazy!

Morning, It is for me anyway. Well I have to say I feel a little better this morning now that we have one the rooms finished over the weekend. I swear I thought I would never get that carpet in the old office clean again from al the dirt everyone tracked in to be on the computer. It took me 5 passes and 2 bottles of carpet cleaner and 3 mixtures of 1 cup Oxi-clean 1 cup Vinegar and 1 cup of Freebeeze and boiling pot of water to get that carpet clean. I was also glad to be able to disassemble and move one the beds upstairs and put it back together by the time lights out were called for the kids.

There just wasn’t enough time to podcast either this weekend, which was disappointing because I wanted to go over some of the CG Rendered Movies that have been out from Japan as of late and to go over EVA 3.0 the Movie. I also wanted to touch base with the crew on Genshiken Nidaime and discuss the possible Release date for the upcoming anime series this summer (2nd Quarter) for the anime schedule. Is there anyone out there reading this, actually reading Genshiken Nidaime as well and enjoying it enough to engage on a discussion on it? Ping me if you would.

I’m going to be watching RiderBackers from start to finish this week also for the podcast discussion. I’ve seen the 1st 4 episodes and loved it, but had to return the DVD set to the library and it was on backorder as well so I couldn’t just renew it. BUT a mutual fan that had to move out and get rid of some of their collection gave me the boxed set, so I can now finish it with much gusto and glee.

On the sad side of news, the 3 in one has become 2 in one. Seems the sensor on the HP Wi-Fi Printer is gone since I cannot get rid of the stupid paper jam error on it. But the upside of it is that we could still buy a new one with an extended warranty for ½ of what the latest all in one HP as to offer. But I feel a need to research more before just jumping in and getting a new one sent. Ink and paper cost, how well does it run, what are the other reviews like on it? I’ll update that when I’ve made a decision on that.

I’ve had to yet again try to get someone with some brains as well as the talent to deal with a 3d Project I have been involved with for quite a while and I think David will the guy to do it. Why? Because for the time I have known him online, he hasn’t ignored his responsibilities, he goes full out on completion of an item or project work when asked and accepted. He’s a team player, and he listens and gives feedback and follow ups. So I can say I am looking forward to his updates on the project. Well that is it for me for time being. Next report my twins will be 14 and I’ll feel older for some time. Anyways, catch the podcast soon peeps, Max, Bruce, David and myself will be on next Sunday to discuss things of a Fanperson nature.

Thursday 6/7/2012

Ok, so now I know it’s not the power supply it’s a 650 Watt PSU so that’s not the issue. It was tested with several different pcie video cards of varies memory size and each one failed to post at this point it has been determined by Hero PC that it is indeed a pcie slot issue from the get go because had a small issue at the assembly point but was not regarded as an issue because it worked for a week and a half before issues arose on this board. Thank god I took the 45 day warranty survey the staff sent me in regards of my opinion at the time. Now I have to pick it back up with the finding Chris made and copy and scan them as well for my records and ship the board back to them for replacement.

Now speaking on a different topic, we’re officially announced and running with 3 episodes for the cybernauts podcast show which we do twice a month now. Our to date great episode was with Robert Woodhead, all around CEO of Animego and Political Figure head of Importance with EVE online and a general all-purpose mad overlord. I had a blast and we also had an associate that Mr. Woodhead has worked with in the past on the show as well and can say I think that it was a great time by everyone, the only thing that wasn’t done was a battle session on EVE with Robert and divided teams amongst the crew and cast.

But this is just an example of what type of fun and what type of topics we bring up for discussion on the Cybernauts Podcast episodes. Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to invite a few listeners in on a open mic night with some of our guests. There is even a rumor of bringing “CG” back o the table and maybe on the show, so who knows at this point, anything is possible when you put your mind and willpower to it. I’m not even sure who’s still following me here on WP according to the stats I get up to 40+ on one day and 6 to 8 on others. Well anyways, back to work and then home to work some more.

Bethesda World Concept Artist dies from cancer at Age 42

Adam Adamowicz died Friday Feb 10 2012. Adam who was 42 yrs. old when he lost his fight with cancer. Adam not just a Concept Artist. But he was also responsible for designing the environmental worlds of Fallout 3 and Skyrim and the Mass Effect franchise as well. His work and talent will be remembered through those games.

Now I may not be huge Bethesda Fan but this was sad news and I enjoyed his artwork as a fellow artist and gamer as well. Adam you will be missed, not just by family and friends but you leave many gamers saddened and the gaming world has become just a wee bit smaller with your passing. The Sky is now your canvas Adam; we will look and hopefully see your work in the heavens.

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