Life in general post

Hello, yea it’s me. My daughter has finally gone in to the hospital to get the recurring tumor that’s been coming back into her lower jaw removed. It looked a lot worse than it after surgery. They did take #19 & #20 teeth removed the bone and jaw tissue surrounding the tumor so that this time it’s gone completely and totally gone. The meal plan for the next 2 months is going to be liquid / puree for her, I’m thinking I might join her on it for support.

I just don’t like baby food personally, all kidding aside though broths juice Jell-O and shakes and such will be the meals for the next 60 days. This year’s softball team will have to be minus one player as we were told no athletics this year just lots of recovery time and therapy to keep from any scar tissue build up or nerve damage which is one the major concerns.

Have barely slept in the past two days I’m making sure her room is as clean as possible, will help with her homework and also girl scout cookie sales booth duty as well, with her mouth the way it is and having an L bracket holding her jaw in place with the bone graft it wouldn’t be good to have her there selling even though she wants to. We think the cold weather would really irritate the jaw.

On another note, had some knob attempt to hack one of my email accounts from all the way in Jasper Alabama. What a dickcheese, even a monogloid chimp knows how to report the attempted hack and make sure that the offender is then targeted to be observed for any future possible criminal activity. The perp’s ISP even emailed back thanking us for bringing it to their attention and that their cyber division will be looking into but cannot let us know what the end outcome will be, which is standard procedure having worked for a cable ISP company before I knew that. I just frown upon such stupid acts like that to begin with.

Had a few updates to go towards the machine, 8 gigs of ram, a new 2 tb hard drive and will be swapping out cases so the machine that my wife and I use will be transplanted back into Knight Saber Onyx and vice versa and I will be taking out one the HDDs in the machine and transplant that into the 1.8 Gig machine and install Kubuntu 13.10 on it just to test out the waters with it. I’ll also attempt to get at least 1 to 2 replacement fans as well since 2 of the others are starting to show wear by the sound of the bearings.

Memorial Day Weekend kicks off tonight for me !

Where to start? Ok!  My PC is back up save for my pcie video card my 1 gig card is dead! But I am surviving off the onboard video for the time being. I am looking at a Zoltac 2gig pcie NVidia chipset which will take care of a lot of issues development and gaming and video rendering.  I’m selling off a few items of my own on eBay to help raise the means to purchase said part.

In lighter news The Cool Kids Club podcasts are done and over there is not more CKC, however we do have now, The Cybernauts Podcast now, featured on here on WP, and soon a mirror at jp-studios as well. I think our kick off episode is going to come out quite nicely once the editing is done.  We also have now on the cast Amanda, Dustin, Josh, and Jon plus me.  We’ve also got a number of guest spots on the show as well, no name dropping just know that it’s going to be an extreme honor and pleasure to be able to talk with our guests in these upcoming episodes.

CONduit is this weekend and I’m not going due to some of the way the convention and events were handled from what I have been told and I just decided that this year I’m not even going sweat piss or moan about not going. I do wish the SLC ERT-GB well on their volunteer staffing this year at CONduit and we’ll see them live and direct at Anime Banzi in Oct! WOO! Which I hope I can maybe get a word in edge wise on getting a possible headliner artist to show up at Anime banzi this year and if not maybe next year.

I finally got a hard drive replacement for the family PC it is an IDE not sata which I would have preferred but I won’t complain 320 Gig ide is a great thing especially when I am getting the hit F1 to resume of death error message on boot up of that PC. I have pet project I am working on with a Dell SX270 and getting Linux installed on it rather than Xp which is slower than dog dirt on it with only 512 of ram on it. If anyone does read this and has 2 sticks of 512 PC 2700 333 or 400 MHz please let me know what we could try to work out as a deal? I can try to work something out.

Also I know this might be old news but I just discovered Hellgate the MMO and I’m having a blast on this game. Although it is pretty lonely out here with my sword and armor just keeping me company. So if there is anyone out there that would like to come along and slaughter and dice demon meat together?  My Character’s name is Ryu Haruanobu of The house of The Jade Phoenix and a Knight Templar, so hit me up and lets go what do you say ?

Well just about time for me to start the 4 day weekend. Hope your memorial day Week end will be as awesome as mine will hopefully be.

Just some reflection I suppose…….

Just posting at work while relaxing after doing the backyard and finally cutting and leveling out the backyard and then the patio and brought the grill back out from the garage. My wife needed to get the garden planted but since the recent rains we’ve had mini weeds pop up. I took the time down to the wire with 20 mins to shower shave, sammwitch! And then drive to get my carpool and then to work on time.


Look at the world
It’s a complicated place
And it’s hard to keep the pace
You’ve got to wear a smiling face

But what we’ve got
Is a blue-light special on truth
It’s the hottest thing with the youth
You’ve got nervers we need to soothe

If you’ve got to believe in something
Believe in us we make it easy
Peace and love incorporated

Shop around
See if you don’t agree
We think it fits you to a “T”
And the best part is it’s free
I believe

We got the market cornered this time
We can make you feel fine
It could impact your bottom line

If you’ve got to belong to something
Belong to us we’ll make you PC
Peace and love incorporated

Peace and love
It’s the newest cause by far
And we’ve got all the biggest stars
Get your politics up to par

If you’ve got to belong to something
Belong to us AND we’ll make you PC
Peace and love incorporated

Welcome… to Peace and love incorporated

Here is something I got to talk about and ask out there. If you’ve been told a number of times, “Go away, leave, do not come back, you’re a monogoloid knuckle shuffler gtfo of our forum.” would you stick around? or would you do what was ask and just well in my case update your account information knowing it will de-activate your account and leave? It’s basically what I did at this one place yet this “one” person no one else *wants* me to email the admin/mods and have the re-activate my account or worse sign up for a 2nd account and start fresh. I don’t want to start fresh I liked my account. I’ve had it for quite awhile and still use it to this day.

Mind you I lurk every once and awhile, and don’t give me that “GASP” if you lurk there why not just log in and join in the fun?” because I’m not wanted to be involved in the fun. Quite the opposite, but it does prove a bit interesting on some of the conversations that go on over there. It’s also not an ongoing habit either. I do the same thing at 2 other sites as well, it’s not a crime, it’s not creepy, and it’s just going by checking a few threads then leaving. It seems there are people out there that do consider that creepy thinking “I’m” OoooooOOOO stalking them and their posts SPOOKY SPOOKY! If you think that is creepy, then best get your forums private people because people lurk on tem all the time. Deal with it is the best thing I could say to that.

With that said I should mention that are some people I just assume leave out of my life since they were content with throw my friendship away like trash and treated me as such as well. Bad enough that I don’t consider myself having many friends; don’t assume that I am saying I don’t have friends. I have them, High School, some at work, some from old jobs as well, some from my home town.

I can say that I should accept the fact they are my friends because they are concerned with my well being and health and want to be involved in my life with my family. All I can surmise is that I have a ton of issues that I deal with on daily basis almost like everyone else, but I think to a certain degree that I have a bit more on my shoulders than even I realize from time to time.

Brother in law and family

Well My Brother in law and family left today, kinda makes me sad because I would have liked to spent more time with them to get to know them better. But having met my 2 nieces and 2 nephews I can be thankful for that. I just hope it won;t be another 4 yrs before we see them again. I’m shopping today for my wife and getting her a timer for the stove and found an excelent dual timer for pennies of what it normally runs for. SO all in all an ok day, a little sad but also cost effective too. off to the store I go ! Yahoo !

Fridays and Fun

Hey hey, just got back in the door from my mother in law’s, saw ronda’s brother and his family thier youngest daughter is so CUTE! GAWD so cute, and she giggled at me! LOL We had a fun time with everyone. Dinner has great had the cheese and ham bake with a cheddar top. A nice garden salad and water. Oh and the downstairs as it is looks very cool, has a Semi Santa Fe feel to it. Having a mauve/sand tone + texture to the walls on one side of the room and a Rustic red on the other side as well.

Go the kids home and into bed, just posting this as I’m falling asleep. So I’ll ttyl and post to you all in the PM tommarow.