*A Sweeping of the blog* – Updating finally

Hello, yea I know it’s been awhile again. Well Aug. 23rd I was laid off from my employer, don’t get me wrong it was a nice severance package I got but I’d have rather been moved to different Dept. rather than the unemployment line. I’ve been keeping busy with the household chores and cleaning of the laundry and daily actions and motions.

We did however finally get the kids rooms painted and having them moving their furniture to the new rooms finally as well. I thought it would take a year just to get that done and over with, but nope got it done in two days and lots of elbow grease. Now just have to clear the rest of their stuff from down here in the office and I’ll be happy.

I really get do however need to get back to work though, not just for the fact I like earning my keep, but I also like keeping busy and you can only go so far on a house with a limited budget. I had an interview this past Tuesday on the phone thought things went well, asked one thing “When would I be hearing back on this either way”. I was told 24 to 48 hours, gee its Saturday WAY past a two day period now huh? I personally hate that, it shows a lack of respect to the applicants who applied for the position.

I did have an “actual” in office interview on Friday for a software firm, they want someone with access and SQL experience and I have little not a lot of experience in that area. I also have two interviews on Monday one at one thirty in the afternoon and another down north at three thirty. Both Technical Support positions, both at what would fit my skill set to a tee. Pay is roughly what I was making at my old place of employment and one is even just down the street from me. (I’m crossing my fingers on that one.)

I would love to be able to have a chance to work from home again as well. I saw an advert for a at home Apple Advisor position and if I did get that? That would make my year.

I and the Mrs. are heading to a friend’s wedding in morning, and I hope it is spot on great weather wise. I had heard that it was to thunder and pour like crazy. So instead of Cosplaying as Arthur and Molly Weasely, we’re just going dressed nicely and all. The location is up between SLC and Provo and I think I and my wife are going to wear sneakers knowing the area the wedding is being held at.

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’ll be writing a convention report on Salt Lake City Comicon on the Cybernauts podcast WordPress shortly. Till then hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

Monday morning Daylight savings.

Oldest is sick in bed, I’m cleaning the house like crazy, done laundry, made beds, cleaned dishes and then relaxing. LOVE playing TF2 with the new Video card. I’m improving on my game in seems as well.

I’m trying to get garry’s mod soon too, just so I can dink around with the invader zim model pack. I haven’t laughed so hard in quite awhile till one of my co-workers showed me the zim clips from garry’s mod. I laughed so hard my jaw still slightly aches from all the laughing. I think my next sketch will be one of Gaz, I think that might be a cool character to sketch out and dink with.
Ok, so I best getting off here and head to work. TTYL to whoever is reading this.

What did I do today?

Hmm that is an excellent question for myself. What did I do? Helped clean up the house after The Christmas Chaos. Checked and reviewed music that I could use for my 1st AMV concept. Did a few things on My FB Mobster2 and MW and Champions online profiles. Afterwards fixed lunch for the kids, cleaned up and loaded dishes for washing. Had one the girls clean the family room as req’ed.

Got bathrooms wiped down and swept, showered shaved and shine. Take trashcans in and then left for work. Now I’m cleaning up images and rearranging and then running prints off so I can color in the color schemes and skin tones for the characters since I’d like so added diversity to this alternate BGC 2040 Universe We’re inventing and constructing. Cleaned up my DA account, removed unwants and adjusted settings contacted a few people and started some link sharing as well. Other than that? I’m at work currently and waiting to go home soon while lurking at a few places I “used” to haunt a loooooooooooooooooooooooong tiem ago, like 2001 A.D. … that long ago.

Prey, Bargin Hunting and cleaning house

Games galore at Big Lots! I couldn’t believe it, Prey, Rainbow 6 vegas and Global Assault Conflict and Mirror’s edge 4 to 6 $ each. Even a Japanese Self learning Software pack 8$. I might grab it for a birthday gift for someone I know. I also got muvee installed, but had to learn how to do some of the converting myself. Did a quick sing along video like the dork that I can be from time to time. Then I uploaded it to Youtube and my FB. Definitley not one of my finer moments. LOL.

Getting the christmas tree out to the house. for tommarow’s tree trimming and getting the bins is always fun as well. Also hit this new chinese restraunt down the street from us and turns out we may have found a new place to eat. Their hot and sour soup is by far better than most of the places I have had that soup at within the last 5/6 yrs. The General tso chicken is enough to make you drool and just one sniff from the kitchen. overall my wife and I had an enjoyable time, one more enjoyable than some of our more recent trips togther. Anyways, got to get back to cleaning, a house does not clean itself.