We have from F2P Hawken 2nd Closed beta Key Giveway. Come visit the site, NAY Come over to the forums and say hello. There are a number of great players and people on teh forum. The Staff are friendly and helpful and will answer questions as they come up. The Game has advanced so much from the intial peek from almost 2 yrs ago on Beyondunreal forums. I will say this again, mount up gram the URL register for an account a key and have a wickedly awesome time fragging and pwning peeps.

Just check out this clip from the 1st Closed Beta….

Nuff said? Come get it!!


That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I have been told and this was posted a just a few hours ago that the team that has built Hawken is prepping for another Beta run and has given Nvidia 10000 Beta Keys to get into the action and mayhem that is Hawken. Adhesive Games has been at this for just over 2 yrs. worth of dedication and work.

A number of groups have got in their heads that MWO is better than Hawken. Let’s not quibble on who’s crankshaft is better or larger than the other’s shall we? There are quite a number of differences with the both games the most distinct is that MWO is more strategic whereas Hawken is an all out battle Royale FPS. I’m already joined and ready for action myself on their forums and getting prepped for the next beta session. Are you going join up? You think you have what it takes to take me on as well a few hundred thousand other players that are better than I am? Click the link and join up then and engage that combat console n00b! It’s time to destroy some Mechs!

EDITTED Hawken Beta Code Giveaway

Nvidia says Thank you for your interest. The sweepstakes is now closed. Winners will be announced soon.

6/14/2012 Entry

So what have I been into, up to and involved with lately? Well, I got our stove replaced and it’s in where the old one was nice and comfortably as well. I have really got into Accel World, I’m enjoy the story progression and to be honest I’m personally liking the whole underdog get the popular girl them going on. I’ve always been a sucker for a good team/friendship building series, but that’s partially due to a personal taste and opinion.

I’ve also been into Wasteland by Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten on the Oni Press Publication label, Abi and Michael make an odd pair but a well matched one nonetheless.  It’s like being on vacation in Borderlands, save for not as weirder ass mutant wildlife. Then there is the manga selection for this month, Dragon Girl from Yen Manga Publications. I got the collected edition from the library when it opened two weeks ago, I couldn’t put it down, in fact I read it twice so I made sure I didn’t miss anything through the first pass through.  It most revolves around Rinna Aizen a young woman attending her first year at a former All Male Senior High School gone Co-ed.

This school is also the one her father attended when he was younger and on the cheering squad. She vowed she’d go to this school especially since she made a promise to a certain young boy make in her youth in grade school that she’d follow him there. Well years later, she’s here but where is he?  No spoilers on this one, you’ll have to read it to find out. But the friends Aizen makes and the ones causing her trouble for her and the cheering squad she becomes involved that makes this a great a story.

I’ve also got into the MMO Hellgate, but due to the mainboard I bought from Ascendtech and that board having a faulty PCIE Slot I’ve been delayed on getting back in and really raising some hell. I also finally got my collector’s edition of Hellgate London and the graphic novel that came with it. So once my mainboard is back and installed I’ll do an install and take it for a test spin. I also got a new a 2 gig Zotan NVidia GT520 as a replacement for the old Gt8600 I was using, which should provide some beefed up Video and broadcasting options once it’s all taken care of and setup.

We had our 3 month meeting with The ERT Ghostbuster fan group last weekend.  A great time was had by all, regardless of the snags we had that day and maybe I should have brought some sun screen for some of the others since there were some sunburns involved from what I heard. I also helped establish the fan group’s forum on my own site since I have a section just for that reason.  Excluding some asshattery from my past things seem to be going ok and well for the time being. That’s all I got for now hope things are going well for those that follow the blog. Keep it cool during this summer and have great week everyone.