Trolling, is it really worth it? Really?

Cyberbullying and trolling? Disrespectful to the victim being trolled and to the troll as well because eventually it will come back to the troll to haunt them. I don’t encourage to take such actions unless you are at that last wit’s end and it’s just gone over the line.

People need to attempt to be more respectful and tolerant more than anything else I suppose. It boils down to either ignoring the troll or banning them from your blog/site/social networking page.Take the appropriate steps on having only friends being allowed to view your whatever if the settings allow you to do so. Before you post a hateful remark, or some type of inquiry that might make that person uncomfortable, you should really try to walk in that person’s shoes/sandles/whathaveyou and if not walk maybe just stand in them for a few moments and weight that thought out from the other person’s view.